Shamed into writing…

It seems I have been shamed into public postings again. I may have started blogging/posting/cyber self indulgence last year but I did not sustain a regular habit and quickly lapsed into privacy again. But now my partner has started the admirable whiskey tasting blog, having been previously known for his photography, his efforts have highlighted my lack of stamina and the ease with which I have slipped back into hiding my writing.

The key to regular posting seems to be to have a coherent project. Something which you have to do daily, weekly or monthly with a specific aim and which forces you to stick to a schedule. I have previously employed a wait-until-the-muse-strikes approach which makes it too easy to not publish anything (as you can see from the absences on my pages).

As a result, I do have an idea. It’s one which has been bubbling beneath the surface for a while. It shall simmer for a few more days as I shall start it on World Book Day, 1st. March, 2012. This seems to be a good day to start: at a number one; at the beginning of a spring month; on a celebratory day… Or perhaps those are all excuses not to post for the next few days…

Anyway, we shall see how I progress. In the meantime, luxuriate in and admire his greater discipline. Or his greater willingness to go public…


About tallulahb

a woman who partakes in reading, writing and red wine drinking.
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2 Responses to Shamed into writing…

  1. Square says:

    Glad you’re back – l like your writing

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