World Book Day and resolutions

Happy World Book Day!

It’s always lovely to be reminded of the joy of books and I’ll take any excuse to celebrate them so days like this are perfect.

This World Book Day also heralds the beginning of a bookish resolution in that I intend to start a blog project to keep me on the straight and narrow. As I mentioned in my shame filled post about blog neglect, it seems to me that the key to a decent blog is to have a project, one which you sustain with regular, structured updates over a specified period of time. So my response to this is to use World Book Day to start a food in literature project. I know I am not the first to explore this but I needed something to be passionate about so combining two of my favourite occupations seems to be a sensible starting point. And then my plan over the course of a year is to experiment in the kitchen with foods which appear in a wide range of narratives. This enables some rummaging through novels, picking through poetry and soaking up some recipe books followed by throwing food around which ultimately ends up an edible, literary pleasure.

I fully intend to enjoy some clichés (Proust’s madeleines are bound to appear); I anticipate some culinary disasters; but I hope to simply enjoy myself.

Dickens will be first up during the next week so I shall take myself home from Yo! Sushi (where this post was written on my iPhone whilst lazily awaiting an obscenely large take-away) to decide which extract to use from so many Dickensian ones available in the next couple of days.

Happy World Book Day!


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a woman who partakes in reading, writing and red wine drinking.
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