This blog is a writing experiment. You will find, initially, a series of entries which tell the tale of a twenty pence coin. Perhaps that’s not the most intriguing of protagonists but its journey from character to character enables me to explore the effect of money on a wide array of characters living in contemporary Britain through a series of short stories or vignettes. The coin is, therefore, more a motif than a character. Theoretically, the blog entries should be read in chronological order but hopefully, they can be picked up at any point.

The idea for this came long ago from a childhood thought that my pocket money could have been in the hands of criminals or the queen before it fell into my quick-spending clutches. It’s an idea that still fascinates me now: that money is bizarrely egalitarian whilst being simultaneously divisive.

Well, that’s the idea anyway! I suspect there will be digressions and disasters but we shall have to see how it turns out!

Happy reading!



4 Responses to About

  1. MacSpliff says:

    thanks for the like … i find what you are writing intriguing and i will be sure to follow the coin on it’s journeys 🙂

  2. Omg you writing is amazing!!..Thanks for the like also. I have your page bookmarked 🙂

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